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100% SPECIALIZED is an online foil and wingsurf accessories specialist store. was founded by Kristian, a fanatic windsurfer since he was 12 years old. In addition to windsurfing, he has been active on the water for many years with paddle boarding, wave surfing and kiting. The entire range of is therefore personally tested and only products that Kristian supports are sold. From his many years of experience he can also give good advice and think along, something Kristian likes the most!

For Kristian it started with a board with which you can both do windsurf foil and SUP foil. The windsurf foiling went fine with this. But SUP foiling was quite a challenge in the beginning. Kristian had therefore bought a 100% dedicated SUP foil with foot straps. After a few sessions getting used to the new setup, it turned out this worked very well. The board was much shorter, wider, thicker and with 1 paddle stroke you are already 360 degrees if you don’t look out! But soon the first “journeys” on the water followed and because you quickly got the hang of it, these became increasingly longer journeys. A new hobby emerged! And all that on our North Sea! Where “weak” waves quickly become boring, surfing with a foil underneath is a really great experience. There is a lot of choice in different front wings, masts and back wings. In addition, there is a difference in the weight of the material. Because surfing with a foil is still fairly new and clear advice is not always available – advice that Kristian would have liked when making his choices – Kristian has decided to give this advice to interested parties herself. Welcome to!

Kristian immediately saw the potential in wingsurfing. Especially surfing with wind, but in a super accessible way, that appealed to him. It is a combination of windsurfing and kite surfing, but much easier! You can start with an inflatable sup and inflatable wing. When you have the basics of wing surfing, and especially the control over your wing, you can quickly get on the water. If you want more speed and you understand the operation of the wind, you can also immediately start with a wing foil set. Something Kristian did directly in 2019 and had to learn and sort out a lot.

A new sport means many new developments. Because it is the fastest growing water sport, many brands have been added to the market. There is therefore a lot of choice in different materials. In addition, there is a difference in the weight and quality of the material. We have a nice wide selection of different brands that have contributed a lot to the sport. Because it is all fairly new and there are not always clear advice available – advice that Kristian himself would have liked to make his choices – Kristian has decided to give this advice to interested parties. Welcome to!

The developments in wingsurfing have gone fast. These developments continue, but these developments mainly focus on the more experienced Wingfoiler. New materials are being introduced for the Wings in combination with often an even more efficient design. There are now also more wings specifically designed for different target groups and styling. (Beginners, Wave, Freestyle, Race etc)
The development of boards also continues. While the boards became shorter after their introduction, there seems to be a trend towards more long foil boards coming onto the market. With a longer board you can easily gain more speed before you come up onto the foil.
There have been many developments in the field of foils. In Wingfoil you mainly see the trend that the foils get a higher aspect ratio, but a smaller surface. The foils are very wide, narrow and thin. Due to the efficient design, a much smaller foil comes out of the water just as quickly as a much larger low-aspect foil. With especially many benefits in the field of extra speed and longer floating over the water (also without use of a Wing). These are usually not foils for beginners. But here too you see a trend that the foils can be a bit smaller with a slightly higher aspect ratio.

In the end we are a strong proponent of simplicity. All developments are very nice for the now seasoned Wingfoiler. As a beginner you mainly want a nice starter set that does not involve too much. It is important that you buy something that you can use for a long time. With good advice, it is possible to put together a nice set that you can learn to wingfoil, but you can also continue to make progression with. We offer something for everyone.

I will be happy to help you further in your search for the possibilities!


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