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Wingsurfing in Europe

Wingsurfing in Europe is of course ideal! We have many large and small lakes, seas and oceans and the nice thing is that wingsurfing is very good and allowed on most waters. Usually you don’t have to drive far to teach yourself on a local water. What you need is a wing and of course a board. For the first meters on the water, an inflatable sup or a large (old) windsurf board is already fun. In this way the costs are limited and you can first experience whether wing surfing is right for you.

Wingsurfing is suitable for the whole family!
With just one wing, the whole family can experience whether this new ‘windsport’ is experienced as fun. Adults are best off with a large wing. Children with a small wing. However, a wing has a wide wind range. You don’t want a too big wing for children. You hold the wing in the middle. The larger the wing, the more difficult it is to keep it high enough so that it does not hit the water. Adults are usually longer, which means they can keep the wing high enough. If you buy a wing mainly for your children, then take a wing that is no larger than 4m2 (= surface area four square meters). For adults, a 5m2 is often the most suitable size to start with.
Ideal wind for children is 3 beaufort. If the wind is too strong, the adults can practice. With an inflatable sup you don’t want a very strong wind. Wind force 5 is the limit quickly.

The next step, wing foiling
Do you have the taste, or do you already have experience with windsurfing or kite surfing, for example, then it is time for a wingboard with a hydrofoil underneath. With this you can fly fast over the water and this gives wingsurfing a real kick!

Do you not yet have a SUP but do you want to go wingsurfing and mount a foil under your board at a later time? We sell an inflatable board from the F-one brand with which you can paddle board, can wing surf without foil and when you are ready you can mount a foil underneath. These boards are also better priced than a board made of carbon. In addition, they take up little space, just like an inflatable SUP.
We offer this board with wing in a combination deal, view the set.

Wingsurfing lesson
There are locations where Wingsurf lessons are given.  Sometimes teaching yourself something in a playful way on a local waterway is of course just as fun! It’s just possible with wingsurfing!

Klaas van Kruistum en Tim Douwsma during recordings for the Dutch television program ‘Klaas Kan Alles”.

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To wingsurf you first of course need a Wing with pump. You also need a SUP or a special wingboard. If you go a step further and want to fly over the water, you also need a hydrofoil.