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KT Ginxu Dragonfly downwind board

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Delivery time 7-8 days
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Delivery time 7-8 days

Sizes 88 to 100L are currently available throughout Europe. 121Liter only available in the Netherlands.

This is the new KT Ginxu Dragonfly! The new KT dedicated board for Downwind SUP foil.

The Dragonfly is built in full carbon and is equipped with an adaptation of the patented Ginxu Step bottom concept for extra performance for Downwind SUP foiling.


  • 6’6 x 18” x 88L – est 4.7kg
  • 6’9 x 18 1/2” x 95L – est 4.9kg
  • 7’0 x 19” x 100L – est 5.3kg
  • 7’4 x 19 1/2” x 105L – 5.5kg
  • 7’7 x 20” x 110L – 5.8kg
  • 8’2 x 21” x 121L – 6.0kg
  • 8’4 x 22” x 135L – 6.5kg

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First wing & foilshop

We immediately saw the full potential (and fun) of this sport and we are the first pure wing & foil shop in the Netherlands.


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Ginxu Dragonfly

Downwind Foilboard.

The Ginxu Dragonfly is the go-to Downwind Glider of choice for any open water foiler. Prone or Sup downwind on rolling swells, lightwind wing or paddle in small waves, or even flat water pop-up. From 6’6” to 8’4” there are options for all sizes and skill levels to get into this amazing new foiling experience.


Stock Model sizes: 88, 95, 100, 105, 110, 121, 135 liters.
Carbon Monocoque Construction.
Futures 16” Fin Boxes.
Step Bottom. Patented, US No. 11,027,796, EU No. 22020001-8.
Stock Model comes in Sanded Dark Silver, Translucent Red Artwork, Charcoal Pad.



Stock Model itemization.


Concept, reason and benefit.
Displacement hull for quick acceleration. Step Bottom for earliest release.


Concept, reason and benefit.
Stretched length for directional stability and quick acceleration. Narrow width for paddle speed and effortless glide.


Bottom Curve.
Slow constant curve blending to flatter curve into Step Bottom and Dragonfly tail release.


Type, benefits, volume flow.
Super round displacement hull blending to sharp Dragonfly tail.


Specialties and benefits.
Subtly recessed deck contour, aligns with the stance of the rider, helps a lot for take off, control and quicker, more sensitive pump response.


Type and benefits.
Displacement hull for quick acceleration, Step Bottom for exceptional release. Dragonfly tail kick.


Special purpose, shape.
Pointy, sleek nose for mininum drag.


Special purpose, shape.
Dragonfly raised tail for paddle stability and clearance when turning or on foil.


2x US 16” long box.


Standard vent screw to facilitate travel. Located behind the pad.


Standard leash cup to secure your board. Located behind the vent plug toward the tail.


Thermoformed heat sealed Flat Cord deck pad with cuts for weight saving and water deflection.


Technology, Construction, Materials.



Vacuum Lamination. We apply our proprietary high-end vacuum lamination process developed on Maui, formulated to withstand even harsh water impact, without effect on hull integrity or stance area. Adapted from the Ginxu line, this technology offers peace of mind in all water conditions.



Carbon Monocoque. The deck and stance area are integrated into the hull via a Carbon Monocoque. By bonding the carbon to the core through vaccum lamination, we ensure its superior material qualities get translated into the body of the board, creating a supremely light and stiff hull.



Carbon. The entire board gets vacuum laminated in Plain Weave Carbon. Additionally, the deck receives Uni-Directional Carbon coverage for ultimate structural strength. Lastly the padded stance area is reinforced with Biaxial Carbon, providing all the benefits of high-end non-crimp fabrics.


Feeling, Character, Skill Level.



Excellent acceleration, quick release, medium stability. The Ginxu Dragonfly will pick up and fly immediately. Due to its slim and elegant outline, in the water it offers only medium lateral stability, however longitudinal stability is excellent.



Downwind Sup performer. Light wind wing accessible. The Dragonfly wants to go downwind, it will push you and enable you at the same time. Made to go the extra mile, and then some.


Skill Level.

Size dependant. Rookie to expert. Designed and pioneered by the KT Surfing team on Maui’s North Shore, the Dragonfly is perfectly at home under the feet of professionals, but equally accessible to anyone new to the experience.

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